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Sea To Sky Bracelet
Sea To Sky Bracelet
Sea To Sky Bracelet

Sea To Sky Bracelet

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Acceptance.  Growth.  Self-awareness.  Unity.  Soulful.  Every stone tells a story.

This one-of-a-kind Sea to Sky sterling silver cuff bracelet set with a one-of-a-kind dendritic Opal stone.

These Dendritic Opal stones express peace of mind, formed from ancient fossilized tree roots and embodies the very essence of being close to nature.  For me they also resemble my father's classical black and white Chinese ink paintings.  The images I see in these stones ground my senses among the dramatic waves, forests, mist, mountains and mysterious snows capes found all along the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway on Vancouver's North Shore.

My Sea to Sky Collection features stones that I've hand selected for their exceptional color and cut, each stone resonates unique imagery and story. The unusual settings are design to focus the unique features of each individual stone.  

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