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  • The Perfect Gift

  • Beautiful Balanced sliders comes in different rainbow colors for any mood!
  • Sea to Sky Collection

  • One-of-a-Kind pieces inspired by beautiful BC
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  • Explore the One-of-a-Kind Rings

The Perfect Gift

Beautiful Balanced sliders comes in different rainbow colors for any mood!

Sea to Sky Collection

One-of-a-Kind pieces inspired by beautiful BC View Collection

Explore the Made-to-Order Rings

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Explore the One-of-a-Kind Rings

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Welcome to Chi's Creations!

For over thirty five years, Chi’s work has been known for its simple forms, curves, contrasts of surface textures and her unique “East meets West” esthetics. Her designs range from bold and outgoing to delicate and classic elegance. Each of Chi’s six collections are designed for their uniqueness and comfort. Within each collection, design elements interplay with different stones and materials to formulate fresh interpretations and engender appeal to wearers of all ages.

Chi’s jewelry is sold in numerous stores and galleries throughout Canada and the United States and worn by satisfied customers all over the world.

Custom Jewelry Vancouver

Explore Custom Design Jewelry by Chi Cheng Lee

Chi also undertakes “repurposing” commissions, in which her clients bring to her their past jewelry loves to be rejuvenated and re-interpreted in her unique style. The majority of her repurposing work are expressed through the design elements incorporated in her Square Stacker Rings collection. Chi’s work is designed and hand-fabricated in her Studio-in-the-Woods located in West Vancouver, Canada.


I don’t usually do this, however I’m in a transition period in my life and purchased one of your woven rings today and I love it. It feels right and gives me great pleasure. I’m sharing because I don’t know if artists get the feedback that sometimes their work gives others such comfort. Thank you.

Rose Whiten, BC

Your silver sail became a symbol to me... of being set free... of being in-charge of setting my own course. It's about time at the age of 52! I am anxious to have it as positive reinforcement again.

Katie Hance, USA

We just wanted to tell you again how much we love our wedding bands you made for us. After more than a year since first putting them on, it's safe to say, we still get so much joy from wearing them and looking at them every single day. They are beautiful pieces of art. We feel like we have such unique rings that symbolize to us our own unique relationship. Thank you.

Chris & Cheryl, BC

I am so happy, Chi! The Double Wave pendant arrived today and is a perfect complement to the earrings I got from you at Granville Market in 2004. You were wonderful to work with designing the pendant. The set is beautiful!Thank you so much for making my birthday so special. I will wear all your pieces with pride. 

Norma Jeanne, USA

Repurposing Delights

Let me help tell your story! We all have those pieces of jewelry hidden away that we no longer wear for whatever reason—rings that don’t fit, earrings that are not really your style any longer, or maybe a bracelet you just never really liked. All the jewelry you store in safe deposit boxes or hide in drawers or the back of your jewelry armoire and never wear can be re-purposed into something you really love. Family treasures from Grandma, Mom or a favorite Aunt can be transformed into new family heirlooms and legacy pieces to remember or celebrate special milestones and cherish with love!

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