About Me

My passion is in making art from raw materials into something beautiful which conjures magic in providing the wearer with self-confidence and an expression of individuality. My design philosophy is to create simple elegance, with twists of spontaneity and drama that anyone can wear any day, at anytime.

Dreaming of magical forms in metal and stones is a part of my creative process.  Jewelry design and fabrication is my passion. I began studying fine art at Parsons School of Design in New York City and fell in love with working in metals and jewelry.  My work is inspired by a lifetime of cross-cultural experiences and exposure to art, architecture and natural wonder.  Born in Taiwan, I grew up in dynamic New York, lived in pulsing Hong Kong, and am now settled in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.   A part of my artistic journey includes working for luxury 5th Avenue design house Harry Winston for over fifteen years.

My art carries the underlying theme of East meets West, combining traditional Asian themes with Western modernism to adorn the wearer with inherent balance and harmony.  My recent work focuses on creating unique settings for organically-shaped stones collected from my travels.  Each individual stone informs my design pathway and guides my inspiration for telling its story, making every finished piece truly one-of-a-kind.  A perfect union is formed when the wearer identifies his or her own interpretation of my design theme with the language evoked by the stone.  

My coming of age and sense of place was centered upon my family’s arrival on Vancouver’s North Shore.  Hence, my design sensibilities are deeply rooted in the natural beauty of the mountains and ocean that surround my West Vancouver studio-in-the-woods.

Chi's Studio in the Woods - 2019