• May Brings Spring Flowers

    Golden Love Hearts for Mother's Day
  • April Brings Diamond Showers

    Diamonds blossom in April
  • Hello March! Welcome Spring!

    Calming Aquamarine Necklace
  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Rose-Cut Amethyst Ring
  • New Year! New Beginnings with FREE Delivery!

    Show your love with your unique family ring
  • December... Let Holiday Shopping Begin!

    Bestseller at 2021 Circle Craft Christmas Market
  • Holiday Shopping Starts in November!

    Mock layouts of Work-in-Progress on Chi's bench. Help Chi design your own favourites!
  • Beautiful October Colors

    Everyday Pink Tourmaline and Pearls
  • Hello September

    Blue Sapphire Square Rings
  • Hello August!

    "Happy Dance" Sea-to-Sky Necklace
  • Celebrate July with Ruby Red

    Hot Red Ruby Rings
  • Pearls for June

    Delicate Pearl Sliders

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