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Collection: Balance Collection

Feeling centered and experiencing inner peace, harmony, stability, and calmness represent the balance that everyone would like to experience in life.   These were the very feelings that I strived to capture while I retreated to my studio during the years of my daughter’s teenage angst - if you’ve had teenagers, you know exactly what I mean!  Luckily for me, I managed to focus my efforts and, from a dark place, created this beautiful Balanced Collection.

Pieces in the Balance Collection are made in sterling silver with different finishes such as high polish, scribble texture and oxidization to contrast with pearls and precious stones in a geometric interplay.  Round hematite stones are prominently featured in this collection for their metallic gravitas and shiny uplifting glow.  The wearer benefits from this design as hematite has long been renowned for its grounding and healing properties.

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  • Lavender Dream Amethyst Necklace
    Lavender Dream Amethyst Necklace
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